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 More than a conference! A true Alaskan Adventure. Bring your boots! 

If you are flying in from Anchorage we encourage you to arrive in Ketchikan on Wednesday May 17 due to Alaska Airlines flight schedules. 


 What to pack 

Ketchikan is located in the Tongass National Forest, which is a temperate rainforest. Ketchikan averages over 150 inches of rain per year. Thankfully, it does not rain everyday of the year. We hope it doesn't rain at all during the conference but we cannot guarantee that. So, please, pack accordingly.

Here is our suggested list of items to pack:
  • Business Casual clothing for the conference.
  • A water resistant jacket.
  • Layers.
  • Shoes you don't mind getting wet.
  • Extra socks.
  • Boots
  • Comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes for the Southeast Alaskan Adventure.

 Arriving in Ketchikan 

Ketchikan International Airport is located on an island a short ferry ride away from Ketchikan. The ferry terminal is a few minute walk away from the airport terminal. The ferry departs the airport side on the hour and half hour. You do not need reservations, you can just walk on. There is a $6 fee to ride the ferry.

Hotel transportation will be available on the Ketchikan side. There will be Cape Fox Lodge vans available to transport people staying at Cape Fox and Inn at Creek Street/Bayside Hotel. The Landing Hotel has a free shuttle as well for those staying at The Landing.

Screen Shot 2023-04-25 at 10.14.47 AM.png

 Getting around 

Both Cape Fox Lodge and The Landing Hotel provide their guests with free shuttle service anywhere on the island. Cape Fox Lodge will be transporting guests who are staying at the Inn at Creek Street/Bayside Hotel.

When you arrive in Ketchikan please take the ferry to the Ketchikan side. There should be a Cape Fox Lodge shuttle and a Landing Hotel shuttle waiting on that side to bring you to your hotel. The Cape Fox Lodge shuttle will bring guests to Cape Fox and the Inn at Creek Street/Bayside.

Guests staying at The Landing should take The Landing's shuttle to Ted Ferry Civic Center on Friday and Saturday. Please talk with The Landing's front desk staff for their shuttle schedule.

There will be a 7:30am shuttle pickup for guests staying at the Inn at Creek Street/Bayside hotel on Friday and Saturday.

During the conference guests can stop by, or call, Cape Fox Lodge's front desk to go back and forth between hotels.

Transportation to the Harbor Cruise will leave Cape Fox Lodge at 5:30pm on Thursday May 18th. If your flight arrives in the afternoon and you miss the 5:30pm transport you can take a taxi, Uber, or hotel shuttle to Berth 3 in downtown Ketchikan. Please arrive no later than 6:15pm.

Transportation to the Southeast Alaskan Adventure activities will depart Cape Fox Lodge at 3pm on Saturday. If you miss this transport you will not be able to participate in the event. 

For people who do not want to participate in the Southeast Alaskan Adventure There will be transportation out to George Inlet Cannery 

Ketchikan has a strong public transportation system and taxi companies if you have transportation needs outside of hotel shuttle services.


 The Food 

We have partnered with Cape Fox Lodge to create a memorable conference experience for you. The food will be no different. Expect a mix of classic cuisine plus specialty seafood dishes that highlight our region. There will also be vegan and gluten free options available.

Delectible breakfasts, lunches, appetizers and dinners will keep you fueled thoughout the entire event. 

Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 10.51.17 AM.png

 Southeast Alaskan Adventure 

We have partnered with Cape Fox Lodge & Ketchikan Adventurevue to bring you on an unforgettable Land & Sea experience that consists of Zodiac boat rides in George Inlet and a UTV back country drive to Mahoney Lake. The experience will end at George Inlet Cannery where we will celebrate and connect over drinks and a delicious Alaskan dinner.

This is what to expect if you plan on participating in this experience.

You will want to wear comfortable clothes and layers. Wear shoes you don't mind getting wet and a little dirty. Open toe shoes and sandals are not advised. You will be provided waterproof gear to wear over your clothes for the Zodiac portion of the tour.

Transportation to the activities will depart from Cape Fox Lodge at 3pm on Saturday. We will separate the group of people participating into two groups, Group A and Group B. Group A will board a bus and take a 30 minute drive out to the UTV tour departure point. Group B will take a bus out to the Zodiac tour departure point at George Inlet Cannery. 

The Zodiac tour will depart George Inlet Cannery and enjoy a scenic water tour up to the UTV departure point. Once there, Group A and B will swap places. Group A will board the Zodiac boats and cruise down to George Inlet Lodge and Group B will take the UTV's into the back country. Once Group B is done on the UTV's they will return to George Inlet Cannery via Zodiac boat.

There will be food and drinks waiting at the cannery for you when you get done with the adventure as well as facilities for you to use to clean up.
Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 10.55.37 AM.png

 Historic George Inlet Cannery 

Celebrate the end of the 2023 ACUL conference with friends new and old at the Historic George Inlet Cannery. 

The George Inlet Cannery is a historic landmark that operated from 1913 until 1958. During it's years of operation, the cannery was a self-sustained community of 200 people!  

A visit to George Inlet Cannery is like taking a step back in time. The cannery consists of several original buildings nestled in the forest along the shores of George Inlet. The cannery is now a popular tourist destination and event location. We are excited to share this unique Southeast Alaskan history with you.

 "Wear Your Boots" Dinner & Silent Auction 

The conference will end on Saturday night at George Inlet Cannery with drinks, dinner, dessert, and the close of the Silent Auction. 

Those who participate in the Southeast Alaskan Adventure will end the adventure activities at the cannery.

There will be transportation to George Inlet Cannery available for attendees who choose to not participate in the adventure activities. 

Transportation will leave Cape Fox Lodge on Saturday afternoon. We will share specific times as we get closer to the event. 

The cannery is approximately  20 miles out of town. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a jacket.

There will be an open bar, appetizers, dinner, and desserts. The night will end with the close of the silent auction. We hope your tummy will be full and your heart will be happy.

There will be transportation back to Cape Fox Lodge throughout the entire evening. 

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